- The Elder Shaman of the Okweis told the patrol of a goblin threat some fifty years ago.  Several tribes united to destroy an increasingly aggressive warren. As the various patrols entered the warren, they found strange green plant matter the likes of which they had not seen before.

The goblins themselves seemed unusually thin and unhealthy, as though they were all wasting away from a shared illness.  They were quickly defeated.

As the patrols left to return to their villages, they saw a strange and intense aurora-like light in the southwestern sky: It was a deep green that gave an impression of darkness even as it lit the darkening sky, seeming to form pillars and globes of shifting green.


- The Elder Shaman of the Untwai told a similar story, but his people saw the strange aurora as a dark brown, shifting in columns.


The Okweis Feste