The Okweis

Session One
What's up with what was?

Okweis discussed personal and patrol quests, to advance the self and Okweis.

Shaman seeks a way to better connect with nature.

Warrior seeks a better confidence in her strength.

Scout seeks a greater calmness

Skald seeks ?


Elder Shaman described past patrol quests.


Patrol decided to confront goblin threat described by Elder Shaman.


Elder Shaman told of past goblin threat – see Stories.


Patrol left Okweis village, had uneventful first day.

On the second day, the patrol found a charred mammoth corpse with saw marks on bone where meat had been cut off.  A crushed goblin corpse was found.  The corpse had an iron blade, serrated, which had an angry and hostile spirit of object.

Patrol saw another patrol at a distance.

Patrol arrived at Untwai village.  Patrol conversed with similar tribesmen.  Patrol was told of the goblin warren to the south, from which recent attacks have increased. Patrol told another story of the goblin threat 50 years ago.

Patrol slept.


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